Infant Center

The Infant Center, which opened in 2010 is a separate entity with its own license. We are more than a daycare experience. Our desire is to partner with parents as their little ones grow, develop and meet milestones.


  • Orange Owls (Two year old, non-potty trained class)
  • Red Raccoons/Purple Penguins (Preschool potty trained class)
  • Yellow Yaks (Transitional Pre-K class)
  • Blue Bears / Green Gators (Pre-K classes)

Prior to reaching Pre-K, our dedicated teachers are working with your children to scaffold learning. As each developmental skill is reached, our teachers will then build upon that skill as is appropriate to each child. Our teachers are working with your children to develop socially and emotionally, through song, story time, problem solving skills, language development, supervised play, gardening and more.

Our two Pre-K classes focus on the skills needed that will prepare children for Kindergarten. Some of the areas of focus will include large and fine motor skills, writing, pre-reading, alphabet, numbers and counting, along with helping children in their social, emotional and spiritual development. Children will be assessed in the beginning of the school year, skills are checked monthly and a portfolio of each child will be kept throughout the year, then children are reassessed in the spring. This information will be shared with parents through parent teacher conferences.

Sample Daily Schedule

7am - Chico Christian Preschool opens with supervised indoor play. This is a friendly, informal time.

8:30 - 9am - Outside Recess

9 - 9:30am - Children accompany their teacher to their own classroom and begin their day with a learning circle time geared for each individual age group. 

9:30 - 9:45am - Snack time

9:45 - 10:30am - Centers (include age appropriate activities such as: writing, dramatic play, art, math, science and discovery)

10:30 - 11am - Outside Recess

11am - 12:00pm - Centers and Closing Circle 

12pm - C-schedule pick up time.

12 - 12:45pm - Lunch (Lunch is provided by parents)

12:45 - 2:30pm - Nap time

2:45pm - B-schedule pick up time

3pm - Afternoon Snack

3 - 4pm - Afternoon recess

4 - 4:30pm - Afternoon circle time

4:30 - 6pm - Chico Christian ends the day with supervised indoor play.