Here's what some of our parents have to say about Chico Christian Preschool and Infant Center...

'The first time I walked into Chico Christian Preschool and met the teachers, I knew it would be a home away from home for my children. I love knowing that my children's teachers pray for our family. Sending my kids to CCPS is one of the best decisions we have made for out family.'


'It is our pleasure to write a testimonial for CCPS. We have been with the school since 2011. Both our children went there since they were infants. It brings us comfort and peace to know our children are loved and safe. It is a pleasure to drop our kids off at a school each day knowing they are in such capable hands. The teachers and staff are simply wonderful and care for the children as their own. They have an excellent curriculum. We are truly blessed to be a part of the CCPS family.

-Lou and Anu

'Chico Christian Preschool is an amazing place for kids to learn, love, and grow. As my daughter has moved up through the classes from infant to 3 years old, she has been loved so well by the CCP staff, who have consistently provided a safe and developmentally enriching place for her to grow spiritually, socially and academically. As a parent, I have felt supported through difficult stages and have celebrated so many successes with them. They bring a wealth of experience and depth of care that is exceptional. I am beyond grateful for the CCP staff, kids and program.'


'Having a child attend CCPS from an infant to now preschool has been a true blessing. The loving teachers and caring staff have enabled my son to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally in a continually progressive and familiar environment. I could not ask for a better school for my family.'



'Knowing our children would spend nearly half their time in childcare, we needed a safe place that shared our principles and our love. We found every bit of that and more a CCPS'.

-John and Aimee