Who we are at CCPS and Infant Center

Each member of our staff is a Christ-follower and is passionate about providing a safe, secure, nurturing environment for each child in our care. It is the desire of each staff member to love and support not only the children in our care, but parents as well. Communication with parents is highly valued and our staff are always available to discuss each child's individual needs. Each of our teachers are finger printed through the California Department of Justice and have completed the early childhood education units required by Community Care Licensing.


Balinda Agoff.jpg

Balinda Agoff

Blue Bears

Favorite places in Chico: Downtown, 8th and Main antique store and Bidwell Park.

Hobbies: Home decorating, reading, and repurposing furniture

Why I work at Neighborhood: I love the opportunity to develop relationships with kids and families. Working at the Preschool provides me with the chance to pray, share the love of Christ and minister to people on a daily basis. I am blessed to call this my job.


Tricia Edwards


Favorite places in Chico: Bidwell Park, Upper Park, Farmers Market, Starbucks, T-Bar.

Hobbies: Photography, Scrapbooking, Exploring nature with my son.

Why I work at Neighborhood: I love working with a wonderful staff of believers who love and support each other so well. I am in the office most of the time but enjoy the days I am able to have time in the classroom getting to know the children. It is a joy to see how much they grow and change while they are here.


Alex Doughty

Silver Squirrels

Favorite Places in Chico: Chico creek nature center, Jon n Bons, Hula's, Upper Park and Bird in Hand.

Hobbies: Playing board games, stargazing, walking in the park, swimming in the creek, watching movies.

Why I choose to work at CCPS: I was mentored by one of the previous teachers and during that time God grew my heart for sharing His good news to the children. It made sense to work for a place where I can use the love God gave me to partner with families to love and grow their children to love God and one day hopefully make the decision to follow Him.


Amanda Nakken

Orange Owls

Favorite Places in Chico: Bidwell Park, Salmon Hole

Hobbies: Piano, spending time with family and friends, camping, snowboarding, hiking and reading. 

Why I choose to work at CCPS: I work here so can help educate children both spiritually and academically. I look forward to being a part of the team every week!


Christine Sequeira

Silver Squirrels 

Favorite Places in Chico: Upper Bidwell Park, One Mile, Chico State University

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, spending time with friends.

Why I choose to work at CCPS: I want to love and care for the children and share with them who God is.


 Emily Kuehl


Favorite Places in Chico: Bidwell Park and Farmer's Markets

Hobbies: I enjoy long walks/hikes, love Camping and just hanging with family.

Why I choose to work at CCPS: A God given passion to influence children through the love of Jesus in the formative years! (0-5)


JoAnn Verkuyl

Support Staff

Favorite Places in Chico: Bidwell Park, Art Etc., Fifth Street Steak House, Joann's Craft, fabric store and dollar tree.

Hobbies: Scrap booking, crafting and sewing

Why I choose to work at CCPS: I can teach from my heart, not just my head. We pray for people whenever we want to and wherever we are.


Joy Gilstrap


Favorite Places in Chico: Bidwell Park, Neighborhood Church, Broadway Heights

Hobbies: Making almond toffee, doing things with and for my grandchildren

Why I choose to work at CCPS: Because I love working with young children and being able to do that in a Christian environment makes it even better.


Marie Rappa

Yellow Yaks

Favorite Places in Chico: My home -- it's truly my happy place. Other favorites include Shubert's and Sierra Nevada, as well as the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary.

Hobbies: Gardening, reading and napping. My family loves watching movies together, especially anything Disney or Star Wars.

Why I choose to work at CCPS: I love being able to educate little ones as well as helping them understand how much Jesus loves them. It's truly such a privilege to work at CCP.


Kathleen Sweet

Silver Squirlles 

Favorite Places: My garden, home, parks with creeks, mountains near my home, hiking, Kenya missions trips, vacations in Oregon and Washington

Hobbies: Walking in nature, crocheting, writing, drawing, spending time with my husband and cars, gardening, and time with my daughter.

Why I choose to work at CCPS: Working in a christian environment and sharing the love of Christ with everyone I meet. Modeling the walk of Jesus with others.


Mayra Cruz

copper cubs

Favorite Places in Chico: Farmers market, Degarmo Park, Downtown Chico for the Friday night concert!

Hobbies: Clean people's houses and mine to when I can! I enjoy my precious daughter reading her book or playing.

Why I choose to work at CCPS: Because it feels like family and I enjoy working with children and families.


Rita Jaeckels

Red Racoons 

Favorite places in Chico: Bidwell Park

Hobbies: Kayaking

Why I choose to work at CCPS: I love working with the children and having the opportunity to pray and share the Bible with them at school.


Roz Larson

Support Staff

Favorite Places in Chico: Bidwell Park

Hobbies: Gardening, reading and playing the piano

Why I choose to work at CCPS: I love the staff, the campus and the families here.



Ms. Sarah

silver squirrles 

Favorite Places: Fort Bragg, Ojai and Ventura

Hobbies: Gardening, designing jewelry and reading

Why I choose to work at CCPS: Faith based school, I love working with infants.



Shannon Evans

Green Gators

Favorite Places in Chico: Target, Costco, Restaurants, Downtown, Starbucks

Hobbies: Camping, home improvement, hanging out with family and friends, going to new restaurants, Pinterest, going to River Cats and Giants games.

Why I choose to work at CCPS: I have been teaching here since graduation college. I have not felt God telling me to do otherwise. I have always enjoyed interacting with young children. I especially like planning and implementing curriculum to teach them new concepts. I love, love, being a part of their "light bulb" moments. It is always a good feeling to see the dramatic progress each child has made at the end of the year! I also enjoy implementing our chronological Bible curriculum that leads us through the Bible. Teaching children about God's enduring Love is one of the best parts.


Suzanne Martin

Blue Bears

Favorite Places in Chico: The Tree Farm, Happy Garden, The Library and Casa Ramos

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, scrap booking and reading.

Why I choose to work at CCPS: It is a joy to work with a loving staff of professionals helping children build skills and discover God's beautiful world. It is a delight to witness their prayers and praises as they learn about Jesus at our beautiful facility.


Terry Harris

Red Raccoons

Hobbies: Spending time with my granddaughters.

Why I choose to work at CCPS: Started volunteering 10 years ago while my granddaughters attended Chico Christian School. Now working part time as a teachers aide.