Chico Christian Preschool and Infant center is not a drop in center. For our fully potty trained children we offer a variety of schedules. We ask that children arrive no later than 9:00 am each day and be picked up promptly at their schedule pick up time daily.


Chico Christian Preschool and Infant Center uses Love and Logic as our core discipline policy. If you would like more information as to what love and logic looks like in the classroom, we would be happy to give you more in-depth detail at any time.


Safety is a priority here at Chico Christian so we kindly ask that if your child appears to not be fully functioning, please keep your child home from school to prevent sickness from spreading. If a child develops a fever while at school or is not functioning, we will give you a call and ask you to pick your child up at your earliest convenience.

The California Department of Health requires a physical examination when enrolling. A physician's report must be on file within 30 days of enrolling your child.


All children must be current on immunizations before entering Chico Christian Preschool and Infant center. We are no longer able to accept waivers, except in rare cases with the approval of a physician. If you need information on the required vaccinations needed to attend, you may call our office or see your child's pediatrician.